From Hardwood to Luxury Vinyl Plank-Prepare to be 'Floored'
Sep 10, 2018

From Hardwood to Luxury Vinyl Plank – Prepare to be ‘Floored’ 

When it comes to home improvement, new flooring is often at the top of many homeowners’ lists. If you’re in the market for new flooring, LandMark Construction and Renovations can help. Our team will walk with you through each step of the process, helping you weigh the pros and cons of each type of flooring, and finding the perfect fit for your home. 
Today, we’re breaking down the differences between three of the most asked about flooring selections: solid hardwood, engineered hardwood and luxury vinyl plank. 

Solid Hardwood: Classic Beauty

Let’s begin with solid hardwood, perhaps the most classic flooring option on the market. Solid hardwood flooring is a timeless and beautiful choice for any home. Its durability and aesthetics make it well suited for just about any indoor living space: kitchens, main living areas, hallways and bedrooms.
And, solid hardwood flooring can be sanded and refinished 2-3 times during its lifespan. So, you can always change the stain of the flooring, should you ever choose to do so. That’s versatility!
Many homeowners choose solid hardwood for its natural organic look and feel. Because solid hardwood is porous it can be damaged by excessive moisture as well as the lack of moisture. Water damage may cause the wood to warp and expand, while dryness may cause it to crack and shrink.  If cared for properly, solid hardwood can give you decades of beautiful flooring. 



Engineered Hardwood: A More Stable Wood Option

For an option in between solid hardwood and luxury vinyl plank, there’s engineered hardwood. Once installed, engineered hardwood is indistinguishable from the look and feel of solid hardwood.
Engineered hardwood is created by covering a plywood substrate with a top layer of thin hardwood. Because of the plywood base, engineered hardwood is very stable and less susceptible to movement from moisture and dryness.  This means that it can even be installed in basements and over concrete slabs.   Additionally, a current flooring trend is wide plank hardwood. Because of engineered hardwood’s stability, it offers a better option in wide plank than solid hardwood.



Luxury Vinyl Plank: The Up-and-Comer

Enter luxury vinyl plank, a product that’s currently exploding in the flooring industry. Don’t worry…this is not the vinyl flooring of the 1970’s that you may be picturing. 
Luxury vinyl planks are made by printing photographic images of wood directly onto the vinyl, for a natural-looking appearance. And, advanced printing technology can even impart a realistic wood-grain texture. These planks are available in a multitude of colors and styles, to reproduce the look of any hardwood you can imagine.
Luxury vinyl is extremely durable, making it the perfect option for families with children or pets. It’s also water resistant, so it can be placed in virtually any area of the home without fear of damage. Depending on your choice of luxury vinyl plank, it may be one of the most affordable hardwood-looking options on the market. 

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