European Kitchen Designs
Mar 04, 2019

When most people go to design their kitchen, they look for ideas from friends, neighbors, and Pinterest.  This month, we thought we’d have some fun checking out kitchen designs from across “the pond.”  From classic English kitchens to bright Scandinavian spaces, let’s draw inspiration from kitchens across Europe.


The Traditional English Kitchen
When you picture an English kitchen you most likely picture a traditional Georgian style kitchen, such as those seen on popular TV shows like Downton Abbey. Thankfully, the English kitchen has been modernized from the basement servant quarters of the 1800s, and we can draw so much inspiration for our own kitchens from these traditional spaces. To start, keep the colors simple. Walls and cabinets are kept neutral, often painted the same color and done by hand in an eggshell finish. This gives the space a handmade, warm, and well-aged look. While thinking about cabinetry, take a furniture-like approach to the style of your cabinets. Rather than just thinking about how many upper and lower cabinets you can fit, consider adding a standalone antique hutch to store dishes, or creating an island that resembles an old English furniture piece. English kitchens also use more plain, natural materials. Think about using honed marble countertops, and unlacquered brass hardware and plumbing fixtures. This will give your kitchen that lived-in, well loved, English countryside look and feel. 








The Modern Scandinavian Kitchen

Scandinavian design is the perfect blend of warmth, brightness, minimalism, and clean-lined design. This style is born out of long Nordic winters that demand the need for efficiency and simplicity in design, while maintaining a bright and cheery aesthetic. In order to endure the long gloomy winters, the main ingredient to a Scandi-inspired kitchen is a bright interior. Think white walls, light colored modern cabinets, and light-colored countertops that reflect light throughout the space. In order to keep this style from looking cold and sterile, Scandinavian design incorporates rustic elements such as wide plank rustic wood floors. Lastly, add a touch of color to keep the space cheerful and bright. Maybe a colorful backsplash to top off the kitchen, or even something as simple as brightly colored dishes displayed on open shelving. Scandinavian design is all about cleanliness, white hues, and cheerful touches. 









French Kitchens

The French are known for their impeccable style and sophistication, so it comes as no surprise that French kitchens reflect that same enviable style. From French country to elegant Parisian spaces, most French kitchens begin with an open and functional layout and often feature a large island for storage and food preparation. An important aspect of French design is moderation.  Designs are deliberate and functional, yet still possess elegance and sophistication. Quality is important, so you will see a lot of high-quality materials such as stone, wood, and plaster in their kitchens. In many French kitchens you will see antique furniture mixed into the design. Whether this is an antique table and chairs or an old-world hutch to store excess kitchen supplies, these furniture pieces add that livable old world feel that is key to a French design. If you are looking to design a French inspired kitchen think “livable luxury” and the perfect blend of old and new.








Italian Kitchens

When you think Italy, you most likely think of amazing food, so it’s no wonder Italians have wonderful kitchens to match. Italian kitchens tend to be sprawling spaces that act as the hub of the house. Create a kitchen with plenty of counterspace, high ceilings, and large windows to create an open, well working kitchen. Many Italian kitchens feature neutral earthy colors, intermixed with bright color reflecting the color of the Mediterranean Sea.  When thinking about materials for cabinets, countertops, and floor, natural is best. Italian design is the perfect balance of rustic and elegant, so think along the lines of stained wood cabinetry, slate or tile floors, honed stone countertops, and mosaic backsplashes. Maybe even try adding exposed wood ceiling beams, which is a trademark of any Italian inspired kitchen.









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