April Showers
Apr 01, 2019

April Showers Bring You New Ideas for Your Shower

For our April newsletter, we thought it fitting to focus on bathroom showers. From glass enclosures, to rain shower heads, to the latest in luxury shower technology, hopefully, this article gives you some ideas for renovating your shower and bath this spring.

The Popular Trend - Frameless Glass Enclosures

Currently, a popular trend is frameless glass enclosures. Glass showers create a feeling of openness and luxury in a bathroom. Frameless glass showers help visually lighten your bathroom and creates a more modern look. Not only do glass showers look spectacular, manufacturers now offer specialty glass that reduce soap and hard-water buildup, making your shower doors easier to keep clean

To heighten the spa-like look and feel of a glass enclosure, try adding a rain shower head. These shower heads can be mounted on the ceiling or wall of your shower and deliver a soothing and steady stream of water. Body sprayers are another way to add warmth and invigorate or relieve achy muscles. These sprayers can be placed at different heights in your shower wall and tilted to varying angles, allowing for the best in-home shower experience possible.

Smart-Shower Technlology

Another amazing way to customize and upgrade your shower is with smart-shower technology. There are products on the market that allow you to save your shower settings, such as water temperature, for a truly personalized shower experience. You may even turn on your shower through a phone app or voice-activated virtual assistant to jumpstart your morning.

 If you like singing in the shower, it just got a whole lot easier with built-in, Bluetooth speakers. These waterproof speakers are low profile and can be mounted on either the shower wall or ceiling, allowing you to play music directly into the shower without fear of water damage to your device. 

Chromotherapy to De-Stress

If music isn’t your thing, color therapy or Chromotherapy helps you de-stress, relax and uplift your spirit. Chromotherapy is the science of using light to adjust the body’s vibrations to frequencies that are ideal for health and wellness. For example, blue light helps lower blood pressure and calm breathing, aiding in your relaxation. Whereas red light helps to stimulate and energize the mind and body, great for a morning soak to energize your day. These colorful and therapeutic lights can be individually added to your shower surface or incorporated into a showerhead for the full spa experience at home. 

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