Five Home Trends for 2020
Mar 25, 2020

2020 is well underway, and what a year it has already been! Today we are sharing five things we are seeing gain traction in home design as 2020 continues.


1: Dark Painted Interior Doors: this is a trend we have seen pop up more and more in the past few months. To create the best effect, keep trim (crown, base trim, and door trim) light and choose a dark gray or black for the interior doors. You can use this trend to create a focal point by applying this trend to select doors or make a statment and use this for all interior doors in your home. This trend adds another layer of interest and color to an otherwise bright white interior.

Home Design Trend Predictions for 2020 | Caroline on Design

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2: Bold Bathrooms: the bathroom seems to be the perfect place to make a bold design statment, this is espeically true for powder rooms. A small room can have a big impact in the home and is not to be forgotten. You can make a bold statment in your bathroom design in many different ways. From unique tile work, to a statment sink (think concrete or marble), or a bold wallpaper, the bathroom is the absolute perfect place to test the waters of bold design. Below, this client worked with our designer to chose a bright and bold wallpaper accented by brass plumbing fixtures to create a fun yet elegant powder room!


(see more of this project here


3: Earth Tones: the days of all gray and white interiors are dwindling as we continue into 2020. We are seeing a move towards earth tones that create a more inviting and warm feel in the home. Whites are still very much in style, but now we see them warmed up with deeper jewel tones and earth toned finishes such as upholstry, accessories, and accent paint colors.

Home Tour | Heidi Caillier's N28 Tudor — Scout & Nimble

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4: Faux Marble: as more and more people are drawn to the look of marble we see more quartz and faux marble surfaces gaining traction. Real marble, though beautiful, requires much more upkeep than quartz and other similar materials. At LCR, we have used many different marble looking quartz on both kitchen and bathroom countertops. In this bathroom below, we created a beautiful marble looking shower using ceramic tiles instead of real marble.

(see more of this project here)


5: Goodbye To All White Kitchens: for years the all white kitchen was at the top of the trends list, however in 2020 we see that trend fading in favor of more color and depth in the kitchen. Kitchens across the country are going back to a bit more of a traditional aesthetic, featuring stained wood cabinetry or cabinetry painted in warmer earth tones. Although white marble looking countertops are still very much in style, 2020 also is bringing in more natrual stone looking counters and vintage accents in the lighting a plumbing fixtures.

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