Adding Detail to Your Shower
Apr 02, 2020

Many of the projects we take on at LCR are bathroom remodels. While cabinets, countertops, plumbing fixtures, and lighting are all essential elements of any bathroom design, it seems that more and more the shower is the star of the show. So how do you create a unique and spectacular focal point in your shower? This week we are sharing some ways to add unique detail to your shower.



One great way to add some intersting detail to your shower is through niches. A niche is essentially a recessed shelf built into a shower, it is used to store bottles of shampoo, a bar of soap, razor, etc. When creating a niche in your shower you can continue the same tile as the shower walls (see image one) or create more of a focal point by using a mosaic tile inside the niche (image 2).


Bold Plumbing Fixtures

Another great way to add a "wow-factor" to your shower is through the use of bold plumbing fixture. Right now, finishes such as champaign bronze and brass, are high on the trend list. While brushed nickle and matte black fixtures can be a great choice for your bathroom, using a finish that "pops" against your shower tile is an excellent choice. In both of the bathrooms below, we used a champaign bronze finish on the shower fixtures to create a bold statement against the serene whites and grays of the tile.

Accent Tile

For years, the most common use for accent tile in a shower was a mosaic band. Traditionally, this application uses one continuous band of tile around the top of the shower. While this is still a valid option for shower accents, try thinking outside the box with this trend. In the bathroom below we used two mosaic bands on the lower half of the shower for a unique take on the traditional mosaic band.

Another way to use accent tile is by creating a "picture frame" effect. In the shower pictured below, we chose a contrasting black tile, installed in a herringbone pattern, framed it out with a small bullnose tile, and thus created a bold focal point!


Don't be afraid to mix and match

Lastly, don't be afraid to mix and match tile. Your shower does not need to be all one type of tile, try choosing two different tile selections for the walls (pictured below) to create a more unique and eclectic feeling to your shower. Choose two coordinating colors for a more serene and mellow look (image one) or two contrasting colored tiles for a bold dramtic look (image two).

Bottom line, do not let what is "normal" box you in when making selections for the tile work in your shower. Let our team of professionals guide you in creating the most spectacular and stunning shower for your home!